About Dr. Lola Day

Program Creator, Founder Productive Mompreneurs

Dr. Lola Day

Hi there,  I'm Dr. Lola Day! I am a physician, wife, mother, entrepreneur, podcaster, and your favorite work-life strategist!  They call me "Wonder Woman" because people just don't understand how I get it all done. I certainly did not, at one point! However, with my signature strategies, I am doing more with my time and feeling FAB -fulfilled, accomplished and a BOSS of my life! You can do it too!  Through LollieTasking and the "Productive Mompreneur" Program, I have been able to help high-achieving women overcome procrastination, and conquer chronic stress, avoid burnout with effective time management and productivity strategies. After completing the program they can have a productive and rewarding career or have businesses, without sacrificing their time with their partners and children.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day, let me show you how to make yours count by doing more in the little time you have and focus on the most important things to help you achieve your goals!