Course curriculum

  • 1

    Become a Productive Mompreneur

    • A message from Dr. Lola Day

    • How to use the course platform

    • Download the Workbook - Pre-program

    • Before we begin...

    • Next steps

    • Intro to program (Need to watch)

    • 168 hours time audit

  • 2

    Module 1 A: Become the CEO of your Life - Reclaim your life

    • Module 1 Goals: Steps to become selfless by caring about yourself

    • Download Module 1 Workbook

    • 1:1 - Who Are YOU?

    • Lesson 1:2 - What is Self Care?

    • Lesson 1:3 - Mindset Matters!

  • 3

    Module 1 B: Become the CEO of your Life - Reclaim your life (Part 2)

    • Lesson 1:4 - Health is Wealth!

    • Lesson 1:5 - By His Grace!

    • Lesson 1:6 Keystone Habits + Routines

    • 1:7 Productivity: Creating your "Self-care" plan

  • 4

    Module 2: Become a Productive in your relationships- Reclaim your family

    • Goal: Steps to being intentional in your most valuable relationship, and how a happy home makes your life less stressful

  • 5

    Module 3: Become the CEO of your work/ business (Reclaim your dream)

    • Goal: Fall back in love with your work/ hobbies and learn work efficiency tips

  • 6

    Module 4: Become a productive Citizen (Reclaim your community)

    • Goal: Being part of a larger community without overextending yourself and Importance of hobbies recreation and the right network (community)

  • 7

    Last week: Bringing it all Together now that you are a Productive Mompreneur!

    • Goal: Keeping the momentum going



Our goal is to help you become the CEO of your life so that you can take control of your life, and fall back in love with the job or business that you once dreamed of again, without sacrificing your relationship with your family.

 In these unprecedented times, you need this more than ever!!!


Productive Mompreneur: Take charge and become the CEO of our Life!

We all find ourselves in situations that at times seem hopeless. And, we all have the choice to do nothing or take action." Catherine Pulsifer

Watch Intro Video

Thriving in the Pandemic: Helping moms and children with productivity and thriving in the new normal

Our Latest Masterclass presented to our High Performance and Growth Club


Taking the course was like talking to my best friend to get my life all the way together

F.J , Accountant, Mom of 2. 

... I am taking more roles at work and have gotten a side passion that fulfils me. I am also not as irritable. The best part of the program is the impact it has had on my family. 

Her strategy is amazing!

Dr. O, Medical professional, committed relationship, no kids

Dr. Lola Day's advice was instrumental in planning and navigating the transition from a professional student to a professional. Her strategy is amazing, and it helps flesh out my ideas. The planning sessions in the group also helped me focus on my goal and I was able to accomplish things I have been saying I will do in a year in 1 week. When it comes down to it you can count on the program to get you the result you desire.

The course teaches...

  • Time management and productivity skills that will help you reclaim your time so that you can have time and be intentional with your family, work, and community. 

  • How to effectively prioritize, automate, delegate, and or let go of your “to do”s

  • Tactics and strategies that will help you overcome procrastination so you can stop being busy and start doing things that move you towards achieving your goal!

  • How to draw boundaries effectively without feeling guilt, while still being involved in your networks

  • Daily systems, consistent self-care habits, and practices that lays a foundation to replenish your tank, so you can be self-full for your family.

  • How all the above tools can be used to help you cope with stress, overwhelm, and avoid burnout. 

High performance + Growth club provides...

  • Community: Opportunity to connect with like minded productive mompreneurs

  • Learn: Monthly masterclass that will help busy moms' in work life and business (check out our last masterclass above)

  • Consistency: Continued structure + Support + Habit help, and systems that leads to sustainable success. 

  • Consistency: Daily simple and effective productivity tips, mindset work, and or habit prompts that can be easily incorporated in a busy life.

  • Selfcare: Virtual Yoga and exercise classes by certified instructors

  • Family care: Weekly family meal plan created by a certified Nutritionist with Macronutrient information and grocery lists

  • Accountability: Opportunity to connect with accountability partners for those who wish to meet specific SMART goals

  • Support: Member gatherings such as business pitch parties, and planning parties where we plan our next month and week ahead together.

You also get

Bonus material to keep you on track

  • Long Access

    Unlimited access to course for 1 year

  • "Productive Mompreneurs - High performance and growth club"

    2 months free access to our private online networking group of like-minded high achieving women (continued reduced founding member price).

  • Podcast listen in

    Opportunity for club members to listen in our live recordings of the LollieTasking with Dr. Lola Day podcast, with opportunity to ask our guest questions.


Payments $299 (Founding member price)

As a founding member, this price is only good for now. You will be grand fathered into the reduced price of $20 monthly for the membership site after your free 2 months if you wish to continue with the club. We estimate it will be at least $50 monthly at the time of the official Launch.